Sales Department

We are one of the oldest and largest suppliers of new, overstock electrical equipments for Middle East region.

We stock most major brands, including Westinghouse, General Electric, ABB, and Siemens. …As one of the leading distributors of electrical equipment, we are confident that we will have the parts you need.

Our massive inventory is dynamic and constantly changing due to sales and replenishment. Because of this, contact our sales staff to discuss your project and any special requirements that may be needed. They will work with you and stay in contact until your order has been completed and shipped.

We treat all our customers fairly and with the utmost integrity. That is why we work hard to establish strong ties with all of our customers, while offering competitive prices for your surplus. When you find yourself in need of us, simply send us a detailed list of your inventory. In this way, our experienced purchasing team can make a competitive offer based on your industrial surplus. We understand that not all companies have a list of their overstock however, which is why one of our team member can come to your location instead. We cover all freight and travel expenses, and you can rest assured that we’ll offer a fair price on the spot.