Pump Dept.

 Our pump trained team can offer the most competitive price for any types of your overstock pumps ranging from a typical centrifugal pump to multistage, diaphragm pumps and submersibles, having different specifications and from any well-known manufacturers.

The following is KJ Export’s  scope of purchase:

Booster PumpsCirculator PumpsCirculatorsFire Sprinkler PumpsHeating CirculatorsHot Water CirculatorsHVAC PumpsIrrigation PumpsPedestal PumpsProcess PumpsRecirculating PumpsSewage Pumps Sewer Ejector PumpsVariable FrequencyWaste Water PumpsDewatering PumpsEffluent PumpsElevator Sump PumpsEngine Driven PumpsExplosion Proof PumpsGrinder PumpsHeating PumpsHigh Head Pumps Jet PumpsLawn Sprinkler PumpsOil Detect Sump PumpsPackaged PumpsSink Pump SystemStorm Water PumpsSump PumpsTransfer PumpsTrash PumpsUtility PumpsWell Pumps