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Electrical Supplies Dept.

KJ Export Electrical Supplies Dept. wants to buy your electrical equipment and will pay competitive prices. We have been in the electrical supply business for over 20 years and treat all our customers fairly and with the utmost integrity. We buy new surplus in original factory packaging or unused surplus which are not in original factory packaging.

Circuit breakers & Switches

  • Modular Circuit Breaker

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

  • LV Switches
  • Motor Circuit Breakers & Switches
  • Source Changeover Switches
  • High Current Air Circuit Breakers
  • Molded Case Circuit Breaker
  • Protection for Photovoltaic Applications

Bus, Networks & Communication

  • Gateways & Devices

Boxes, Cabling & Interfaces, plugs and sockets

  • Control Stations
  • Panel Building Accessories
  • Boxes for walls & ceilings
  • Interfaces
  • Pre-wiring System
  • Sockets and enclosures for power outlet

Feeder Automation

  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Remote Monitoring for Overhead Networks
  • Remote Monitoring for MV Substations
  • Remote Control for Overhead Networks
  • Remote Control for MV Substations
  • Fault Passage Indicators for Underground Networks
  • Fault Passage Indicators for Overhead Networks
  • Easergy SCADA System
  • Power Supplies

Industry Circuit Breaker (MCCB,ACB)

  • Contactors & Protection Relays
  • Electronic Over Current Relays
  • Protection Relays
  • Thermal Relays
  • Contactors
  • Control and command
  • Modular contactors
  • Fuse Switches
  • Motor Fuses
  • LV Fuses
  • Fuse Switches

Capacitors, Inductances & Harmonic Filters

  • Power Factor
  • Inductances
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Capacitors

Building Management System

  • Self contained emergency light fitting
  • Lighting & Time Management
  • Energy & Temperature Management
  • Radio system
  • Door Entry System
  • Addressable system for emergency lighting
  • Safety Management
  • Bus System
  • Specialized Drives
  • Standard Drives
  • Lighting Control Devices
  • HVAC Control Devices
  • Building Management Systems

Among famous brands of electrical suppliers, we have mostly worked with the followings:

GE, schneider, Siemens, ITE, Westinghouse, General Electric, Clark, Continental, Eaton, Moeller, legrand, ABB, Federal Electric, Honeywell, tyco-Mk, hager, esp, Culter, hammer.