About Us

KJ Export is a privately owned company established in 1990 and since then it has been active in the field of power transmission. Within this field of expertise we play an important role as an exporter and importer of electric motors, gear motors, pumps, hydraulic and Pneumatic supplies, valves, bearings, … . Due to our technical departments of each product, combined with our in-depth knowledge and our emphasis on innovation, KJ Export has developed itself into a versatile problem solver in the field of industrial equipment procurement.

KJ Export has been expanded over the years and now carries a diverse product range, offers a wide choice of brands and has the technical expertise. Our company sources the bulk of its products directly from leading industrial equipment manufacturers, thus we are able to offer very competitive prices. Further we supply our customers with high quality products manufactured in Europe and overseas.

We work in long term cooperation with our core suppliers. This, together with our substantial stock enables us to give our customers the kind of reliable service that is required by modern industry.

Our expertise covers all manufacturers and frame sizes, both modern and obsolete.